Special Coffee


In order to increase the positioning of Colombian coffee in high segments that add value to producers, since 1996, the FNC leads the Program Specialty Coffee of Colombia in order to identify and select coffees of exceptional features from regions specific. environmental conservation, economic equity and social responsibility: Besides three basic concepts are integrated.


Café de Cauca is a soft 100% Arabica coffee, grown mostly on small plots and collected and processed in the same farms selectively, with adherence to protocols and quality standards promoted by the National Federation of Coffee Growers. Because of its location in Colombia and the particular characteristics of the production area Coffee Cauca, the Coffee has sensory and quality attributes in particular cup.

First it should be noted that the Café de Cauca is recognized for its consistency and homogeneity. The variability in the cup of the different regional coffees is a challenge that every professional coffee in their daily work. This challenge is much lower for coffee Cauca by the homogeneity of the area where coffee is grown in the region in terms of geography, soil and climate.

The production of specialty coffees in the department of Cauca is in charge of 23,000 coffee growers in an area of ​​22 thousand hectares. Most crops are in the East and South Region of the department, where the coffee growers work under strict quality protocols, focused on improving prácticacafetera and care of the environment.

As in all coffee growing department, cultivation of specialty coffees is done by peasants and Indians who start from a manual collection of red and ripe beans, which are then subjected to processes of wet processing and drying for later sale between select group of buyers.

Thus, the caucana coffee production meets the new global markets that demand high quality products with principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Currently farmers are linked to programs: Nesspreso AAA, Rainforest Alliance, Flo, Organic and 4C, who constantly receive technical assistance from Rural Extension Service of the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Cauca.
Additionally caficauca collects and sells coffee AMUCC associations (association of women coffee farmers cauca) ACEC (Association of organic farmers in the department of Cauca) and the association of organic producers NEW FUTURE


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