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Sendy Díaz, the number 1 which covers many fronts.

Caficultora, goalie, coach, mother, spouse, daughter, sister, technical systems, pollster and President of the Committee of coffee growers of La Vega, municipality in the South of the Cauca. Loving romantic salsa and rancheras; so is this woman of 33 years, than from ago 16, he left his family and its region in the Huila by love. All retained was his family tradition: the coffee sector. account than when it became the Department of Cauca, more exactly to the San Miguel municipality of La Vega, "there was a confrontation between the security forces and the ' otros´. ' Nearly me exits the heart! "." This region has been strongly hit by the conflict and poverty and unfortunately that was the first impression that she took. Now thus speaks of the zone which has given him everything: "this land is very calm and good to work, are all very friendly and supportive, it's perfect for raising my children". Sendy participated as a pollster at the stage of lifting of baseline for the program autonomy and empowerment economic of the women rural of the Sur del Cauca, funded by EU and implemented by Mercy Corps and its partner Caficauca. "The program was a very nice experience to me, when one goes to other paths see very different things like the quality of life." I learned to stand on the site of other people, not complain and give thanks for all the blessings that God has given me". In addition to viewing the program from the other side and not only as beneficiary, also put into practice the knowledge acquired in the technical systems studied, making skillful use of the Tablet, the questions and database management. this number 1, always with the sunset t-shirt, broke record by 80 surveys in 12 days, visited 11 scattered villages in the municipality of La Vega, Cauca. Left Ivon, program officer, described as a woman full of energy positive, very collaborative and always ready to give their best. "Women like her are a worthy example of empowerment and autonomy for the rest of our caucanas areas".


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