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Coffee of Cauca
Quality Coffee.


We are the Cooperativa of Coffee growers from Cauca and we develop the coffee harvest, coffee selection and the processing , quality control and commercialization. We have more than 2,700 associates from 24 towns of the department , 36 purchasing agencies and 7 stores Agrocaficauca. We work for marketing with social meaning that benefits our Coffee Growers.

All the processes we made follow the parameters from the Quality Assurance System which includes: quality manual, quality policy, quality system and quality assurance.


CAFICAUCA is a non-profit organization that works for the social development of its associates through the integral commercialization of coffee and agricultural inputs with the highest quality standards


In the year 2022 CAFICAUCA will be recognized as a leading organization in the coffee sector for the high satisfaction of its members.


The Cooperative was created on December 12, 1961 by 297 coffee growers, who met at the Municipal Theater of the city and contributed $ 54,000 pesos as initial capital. It gained legal status through the resolution number 0319 of March 12, 1962, issued by the Ministry of Labor.

At the end of 1981 the Cooperative entered into a total restructuring in order to overcome the financial crisis that threatened its final liquidation. All warehouses for agricultural provision and consumption were closed and the vast majority of employees were liquidated and compensated.

From that moment the Cooperative began a period of continuous growth that was reflected with the construction of the offices and the coffee thresher in the José María Obando Farm, current, Alto de Cauca.

Until 1981, it provided coffee marketing services, sales of agricultural and consumer products, as well as personal services to his associates such as: loans, scholarships, solidarity aid and medical services. From 1982 the Cooperative was dedicated exclusively to the coffee market, without practically providing any additional service to the associates. Since 1987, the fertilizer sales service has been provided and, since 1996, cooperative returns represented in fertilizers have started to be delivered, in proportion to the coffee sold in the Cooperative.

In 1988, with the help of the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers, the Cooperative built the "CAFICAUCA" coffee thresher, which was inaugurated in March of the same year. The objective was to carry out the industrial processing of the parchment, add value and deliver the product to Almacafé S.A., or via Expocafé S.A., participating in this way in the export of the grain to different places in the world.

The Cooperative, through the process that makes the grain, has placed the best coffee in several parts of the world, and has ventured into a variety of special and organic coffees. The well-being of our associates and their families is fundamental and that is why we are committed to their constant training.

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